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About Us

ECOCHEM India’s global consultant and distributor of Agrochemicals (Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Fumigants, Rodenticides and Plant Growth Regulators), Intermediates, Public Health & Veterinary use chemicals and Bio-Pesticides.

ECOCHEM, an active, flourishing, and growing company is situated in Bangalore at Prominent Industrial Estate, on Bangalore-Mumbai Highway in India. ECOCHEM is growing rapidly over the last decade, bringing together over 45 Indian companies to make available their high quality and innovated products to benefit our global clients throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia to create one streamlined organization.

We now combine in-depth local knowledge with value-added services, exceptional technical support and unique tailored solutions. We introduce reengineering distribution concept to benefit our global clients and principal suppliers.

With the in-depth experience of the founder in agrochemical industry since 1976, ECOCHEM has emerged as No.1 choice, global player engaged in providing high quality and competitive price to all our global clients.