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Spirodiclofen is a chemical compound from the group of the tetronic acid derivatives

Active ingredient spirodiclofen is a broad spectrum acaricide acting via lipid biosynthesis inhibition (LBI) with no cross resistance to currently available acaricides and with additional insecticidal properties. Envidor is positive IPM listed but in frame of resistance management limited to one application per season. In pear growing Envidor constitutes an important tool in pear sucker control in a tandem strategy with abamectine. Being totally selective on predatory bugs Anthocoris nemoralis, Envidor installs a favourable low prey/predator ratio avoiding any damage of further 3rd or 4th Psylla generations. The application of Envidor on the second Psylla generation coincides with the migration of Lepidosaphes ulmi scales and with the spread of rustmites Epitremerus pyri on which season long control is achieved. On apples, Envidor settled as an important tool for scales control especially on the wood but recently its acaricidal use revivals. This is induced by the withdrawal of totylfluanid with its regulating mite control and with the further efficacy decline of registered METI-acaricides. Even with full introduction of Typhlodromus pyri, mites and rustmites may unexpectedly flear up. On Typhlodromus pyri, Envidor is IOBC 2 classified (slightly harmful) but the favourable low prey/predator ratio and within season recovery make it full IPM compatible. On Aculus schlechtendali, apple rustmite with a short generation cyclus, the larval and fecundity effects of Envidor lead to an explicit knock down efficacy. On mixed populations of Panonychus ulmi with longer generation cyclus, Envidor shows a slow initial effect with culminating efficacy after 2-3 weeks and a long lasting efficacy of more than 100 days, avoiding any leaf or consequent fruit damage. High rain fastness and the right positioning at 30-50 % hatching of winter eggs make of Envidor a very consistent correction acaride. The addition of a surfactant is not recommended for mite control. Up to now, no shifting in susceptibility of Envidor on Panonychus ulmi or Tetranychus urticae is found in Belgian orchards. Since Envidor combines both in apples and pears an efficacy on multiple pests occurring simultaneously after flowering, with a good selectivity profile on predators, parasitoïds, syrphids, lacewings and earwigs, it remains a most important tool in modern IPM pomefruit.

Structural formula of spirodiclofen




Other names

3- (2,4-dichlorophenyl) -2-oxo-1-oxaspiro [4.5] dec-3-en-4-yl-2,2-dimethylbutyrate

Molecular Formula

C 21 H 24 Cl 2 O 4

CAS Number



Molar mass

411.32 g · mol -1

Physical State



1.29 g · cm -3 

Melting point

94.8 ° C

Vapor Pressure

3 · 10 -7 Pa (20 ° C)


virtually insoluble in water
soluble in xylene, dichloromethane, acetone, ethyl acetate and acetonitrile